About Us


Within a few clicks find the most suitable property for you, your vacation or your business.

Receiving advice from the top professionals in the country.

Have access to the best specialists in mortgage financing for private individuals or real estate developers

Ensure a transparent, efficient acquisition process that aims to safeguard security and trust in the transaction.

About us

Nolon is a real estate brand that sells all types of real estate assets, mainly originated from the mortgage loan portfolios managed by the Finsolutia group, one of the largest credit and real estate assets in the Iberian Peninsula.

In addition to this very important umbilical link, which is of great importance in attracting a huge diversity of properties, the proximity and partnerships with specialized financial institutions also allows the company to help its customers in finding the most appropriate mortgage solution, either being individual or real estate developers or investors.

It is also this enormous diversity and capillarity of assets throughout the country that allows, through a network of local business partners, to serve all types of customers in any area of the country.

In Portugal, Nolon operates under the AMI license number 10832 of Finsolutia.