Mortgage Loans

Twinkloo is our affiliated mortgage broker

Twinkloo helps you find the best mortgage deal to finance the acquisition of any of our properties. And third party properties. Fast, free, at no cost to you, Twinkloo negotiates with the partner banks the best conditions for you.
For a financially sustainable life.

Looking for a New Mortgage?

Twinkloo helps you.

Twinkloo's work begins with finding and analyzing the best solution available in the national banking market and it only finishes when you sign the deed. Throughout the process, Twinkloo will guide and advise the customer at every stage


Want to Lower your Payment?

Count on Twinkloo to reduce the monthly cost of your mortgage.

Twinkloo analyzes your current mortgage and then compares it with the best available alternatives on the market, presenting you with the solutions that suit you best. In the end, it is easy to identify the best option and sign the new deal.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Twinklooo?

Twinklooo is an EU Trademark of FSIC– Intermediario de Credito Unipessoal Lda, a credit broker authorized by the Bank of Portugal (registration 0004550) to provide the following services: (i) the presentation or proposal of loan contracts; (ii) consumer assistance, by means of preparatory acts or other pre-contractual management work for credit agreements that have not been submitted or proposed.

What services can Twinklooo help with?
  • New Home or Mortage Loans
  • Tranfer / Change of Mortgage
  • Constructuion

How to transfer a mortgage?

Twinklooo can help you need to complete the entire process. There might be some costs associated with the credit transfer charged by banks, although some credit institutions already support them.

Which banks does Twinklooo work with?
  • Bankinter
  • Banco BPI
  • Banco CTT
  • Caixa Geral de Depósitos
  • EuroBic
  • Abanca

How do you guarantee the best mortgage conditions?

Through an algorithm that calculates the best credit option for a given customer profile, our program looks in for all the data offered by the banking partners that better suit each customer

Who ends-up choosing the best proposal?

Twinklooo selects proposals according to your profile but the final decision is always up to the customer. Nevertheless, potential borrowers will have all the support of Twinklooo for the right choice.

What are the associated costs?

The whole process is free for you. Commissions are paid to Twinklooo by the partner banks in granting the credits.